How Many Servants Can You Afford?

December 26th, 2007 by BallerHouse

Third World Maid

The U.S. might be a great place to live, but think about how many servants you could afford in the Third World.

Even if you wouldn’t consider a full time move abroad, a developing country could be the perfect place to purchase your next vacation home.

To give you an idea of how many servants you might be able to employ beyond the border, we’ve sampled six of the most desirable Third World countries and created the Servant Affordability Ranking System (SARS). SARS calculates how many full-time helpers you could afford for the cost of employing one full-time helper in the United States, a figure we’ve conservatively estimated at $40,000 per year after employment taxes.

Our sample includes only those countries you might actually consider making your home. Hence, you won’t find any war-torn countries or nations with serious health or safety hazards.

All data for the rankings was compiled from news sources, expatriate resources, interviews, and official government statistics. The data is also based on averages that factor in taxes and other employment costs.

Who’s Ballin in the Third World?

Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis and Bodog’s Calvin Ayre are just two of the many well-known ballers with homes in the third world.

When he’s not behind bars, Joe spends a good deal of his time lounging at his $3.78 million pad in Punta Mita, Mexico, where he employs a staff so large that he claims they can accommodate just about any request his guests could dream up.

Before packing it up for Antigua, Calvin resided full-time in Costa Rica, where he employed a personal army of security personnel in addition to the typical staff you’d expect from your average billionaire. Although Antigua isn’t quite third world, Ayre still enjoys jaunting to Bali and other third world locales, where he can take advantage of the low labor costs by hiring enough servants to make a sheikh jealous.

Why hire abroad?
By hiring third world helpers you’ll be improving the economies in these countries through providing jobs and humane working conditions.

If the humanitarian in you is lacking, just think about what you’ll get for the money: cooking, ironing, massages, house cleaning, babysitting, personal protection, and dog walking. Pretty much anything is within limits. Just try to keep it legal.

The List:

Mexico flag

Mexico (La Plaz)
Number of servants: 8
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $400

Uruguay flag

Number of servants: 11
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $300


Number of servants: 13
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $250, one month paid time off standard

China flag

China (Shanghai)
Number of servants: 13
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $250

Vietnam flag

Number of servants: 15
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $225

Nicaragua flag

Number of servants: 22
Estimated monthly cost per servant: $150

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