Bump Up Your Shower Experience

January 4th, 2008 by BallerHouse


Chances are, unless your typical shower involves SOMEONE ELSE grabbing for your hot water knob, it could probably be a lot more entertaining. If you’re like most people, you might have a one-speaker shower radio or an old CD player hooked up just outside your shower door. It’s probably better than nothing. But your shower experience could be better. Much better.

BallerHouse presents five products sure to take your shower up a notch. Our selection covers everything from quick additions to fully complete, pre-built solutions:

Wireless Waterproof TV by Luxurite 17”

Wireless Waterproof TV by Luxurite 17”

Price: $4,161

All you need to do is hang the TV up in the bathroom, connect all your AV devices to the wireless transmitter, switch them on, and enjoy the wireless bathroom cinema experience. This TV is completely waterproof, so you can install it in your shower, or the bottom of your pool if you choose.

Available through: Bathroom Luxury

MBTA8200 Bass Tube by Bazooka

MBTA8200 Bass Tube by Bazooka

Price: $380

For some extra bass, add a Marine BT Series 200-watt powered 8″ bass tube from bazooka. Designed for boats, the 200-watt amp delivers twice the power of the standard Bazooka powered bass tube. To minimize the visual impact of the bass tube, mount it low in your shower or hide it under a shower bench.

Available through: Crutchfield

Kohler SoundTile Speakers

Kohler SoudTile Speakers

Price: $295 per pair

Developed in conjunction with Polk Audio, an expert in manufacturing marine-grade speakers, these 4×4 inchers can be hooked up to just about any shower sound system to give it an injection of premium sound.

Available through: Kohler

Kohler DTVII Custom Showering Experience

Kohler DTVII Custom Showering Experience

Price: $2,300- 2,800, depending on configuration, professional installation required

If you want a shower experience designed by the pros, check out Kohler’s DTVII. A sleek and intuitive digital interface controls music, ambient lighting, chromatherapy and steam. The DTVII Complete Showering Experience is available in a wide variety of configurations to fit the dimensions of your shower. Professional installation can be arranged through most vendors.

Available through: Kohler

Rainforest 96 Whirlpool Steam Shower w/ 8.4″ TV and 4 Liter Fridge

Rainforest 96 Whirlpool Steam Shower w/ 8.4″ TV and 4 Liter Fridge

Price: $4,895

Whirlpool offers the ultimate pre-built shower solution, complete with a steam sauna, acupressure massage, whirlpool bath, iPod compatibility, and a fridge for your beer. For the price, it doesn’t get much better.

Available through: My Bath Inc

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  • Jeni Igoe

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