Top 10: Baller Bar Bottles

January 23rd, 2008 by BallerHouse

Baller Bottles

Any baller bar has to cover all the basics. Whether you’re serving up Snoop Dogg’s gin and juice or Lindsay Lohan’s next trip to jail, it’s always nice to reach for the top shelf. We’ve taken the liberty of seeking out and sampling premium liquors to compile a list of the best of the best: (unordered)


1. Veda Black Ice ($60)


Veda Black Ice Vodka

Grey Goose and Belvedere are “so last season.” But seriously, surprise your guests with this new premium vodka from the mother country that puts the classics to shame. Veda takes its name from the ancient Russian verb, vedat,, meaning “to know.” And indeed Veda drinkers are in the know. Boasting filtration through a screen MADE OF PLATINUM, Black Ice is Veda’s top of the line.

Why it’s baller: platinum screen filtration, does it get any more baller?

2. The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Single Malt ($26)



12 Year Old Single Malt is The Glenlivet’s perfectly balanced scotch and the standard among scotch aficionados. Recommended served on its own or on the rocks, it also mixes well for your lightweight friends. Expect a woody flavor with medium spiciness and mild “floral notes.”

Premium Bottle: The Glenlivet XXV ($200)

XXV comes presented in a crafted wooden box reinforced by limestone, complete with wax seal on the bottle. The 1980 vintage is the oldest permanent release in the range and all but claims the title of super premium scotch.

Why it’s baller: the time-tested standard in premium scotch

3. Woodford Reserve ($34.00)



Woodford’s Master Distiller selects only the top barrels for Woodford Reserve, bourbon that will do more than keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Aside from winning numerous awards, Woodford Reserve was named “American Whiskey of the Year” and received the “Pioneer Award” at WhiskyFest 2005, the year it was released.

If you end up loving Woodford Reserve as much as we know you will, pay a visit to Woodford’s Versailles, Kentucky distillery to obtain your own personally-selected batch of Bourbon. After hand-picking the barrels that suit your taste, you’ll receive 180 1.0L bottles of Woodford bourbon with personalized hand applied labels bearing your name.

Why it’s baller: a true Kentucky bourbon you can call your own

4. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Anniversary ($160.00)



Made in Scotland, the home of high-end whiskey, Blue Label is Johnnie Walker’s oldest blend and has won more gold medals for excellence than any other super premium whisky. Blue Label is modeled after the original Johnnie Walker and was created to celebrate the traditional 19th century style of whiskies.

Why it’s baller: the best-tasting whisky on the market

5. Partida Elegante Tequila ($350.00)

Dark Tequila


Elegante is Partida’s finest tequila, crafted from estate-grown, hand-picked blue Agave and aged in American oak barrels for more than 3 years. Elegante comes in a gift box that includes a crystal top for the bottle, so it can serve as a decanter once the tequila is finished.

Why it’s baller: the bottle comes with a crystal decanter top

6. Gran Patron Platinum Tequila ($200.00)

Silver Tequila


Gran Patron is a true connoisseur’s silver tequila. Boasted as the smoothest sipping tequila ever produced, this macdaddy of the Patron family is triple distilled and expertly aged to maturity. Gran bottles are hand made, hand polished, hand signed in crystal, and placed in custom maple wood boxes. So at least you’ll have something to remember from the night before.

Why it’s baller: the king of the Patron family

7. Magellan ($30.00)



The first true blue gin, Magellan is triple distilled before a fourth distillation in which the master distiller adds hand picked and sun dried botanicals that give the French gin its unique flavor.

Why it’s baller: it’s blue

8. Pyrat XO Planters Gold Reserve Rum ($40.00)

Dark Rum


From the makers of Patron, Pyrat XO Reserve Rum is a select blend of 15-year-old Caribbean rums that comes in a hand blown bottle and includes a medallion imprinted with Hoti, the god of bartenders.

Premium Bottle: Pyrat Planters Rum Cask 1623 ($340.00)

Pyrat Planters Cask 1623 is Patron’s top shelf rum that comes in a unique hand blown bottle with medallion of Hoti. Cask 1623 was not made for light of heart, and should only be shared with those who can appreciate its strong taste.

Why it’s baller: blessed by the gods, cool bottle shape

9. 10 Cane ($30.00)

White Rum


From the makers of Hennessy, this Trinidad based rum is created from the first pressing of virgin sugarcane. From inception, the rum is distilled in French pot stills and then aged in French oak barrels. 10 Cane’s pleasant complexity sets it apart from any other premium white rum.

Why it’s baller: premium taste at an affordable price

10. Hennessy Richard ($1,600.00)



Hennessy is a staple in any bar and will never cease to impress. Made up of more than 100 of the most exceptional eaux-de-vie (a fancy name for cognac), and aged up to 200 years, this bottle will undoubtedly take your bar to the next level.

Why it’s baller: you won’t find a classier looking bottle, period

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  • Nathan

    Magellan is my 2nd favorite gin, to really impress bring Hendrick’s to the table. It’s not blue, but the flavor is MORE than enough to impress. Magellan has hints of iris, while Hendrick’s is rose and cucumber infused. Truly a masterpiece…same price range.

  • alex

    more like fancy name for brandy

  • Bryan AKA Duck

    PYRAT rocks guys, I love to try new rums out and from my long list of fallen bottles I will say PYRAT takes the cake. Its smooth texture and unique taste makes it one of a kind!

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