A Suspended Ceiling Mirror You Can Conceal

January 29th, 2008 by BallerHouse

Ceiling Mirror

When buying a ceiling mirror, two questions generally come to mind: 1) what if it falls on me while I’m sleeping? and 2) how do I hide it when I have conservative guests over? We found a ceiling mirror that has both of these concerns covered. Coming in at just 12 lbs, this ceiling mirror uses a highly reflective mirrored film instead of the glass or acrylic seen in traditional mirrors. So, if it does fall on you, it’s less likely you’ll have to make a trip to the hospital. This ceiling mirror also comes with a fake smoke detector that fits over the mirror’s ceiling mount, so you can take the mirror down and hide the evidence. Coming in at $510 for the whole package, it’s not a bad deal either.

Ceiling Mirror available through BallerToys

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