$100k Japanese Daisho Sword Set for Sale

February 28th, 2008 by BallerHouse


Crafted in 1838 by Chounsai Tsunatoshi, one of the leading sword smiths of the Japanese Shinshinto Period, this “daisho” pair of samurai swords is now for sale at Japanese sword site Nihon To for $100,000. Daisho in Japanese literally means “big and small” and is a term referring to the traditional weapons of the samurai. This sword set, like other daisho, comes with two swords: a longer katana and a shorter wakizashi. These swords combined together are a lethal force; with enough strength and accuracy, one could feasibly slice a full-grown man in half at the waist. This particular daisho is unusual in that the swords are not “put-together,” meaning the blades come separated from the mountings.

Chounsai Tsunatoshi lived from 1800-1863, worked primarily in Tokyo, and his first sword dates back to 1823. During his lifetime, Tsunatoshi trained a number of famous prodigies, including Koyama Munetsugu, one of the most famous sword smiths of the period.


Available for sale through: Nihon To

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