ThruVision’s T5000 Security Camera Detects Guns, Bombs, and Cocaine

March 10th, 2008 by BallerHouse


A British company called ThruVision has developed a security camera that can detect weapons, drugs, and explosives from over 80 feet away.

The camera, known as the T5000, uses “passive imaging technology” to identify objects by natural electromagnetic rays, called Terahertz or T-rays. Since every object emits a signature T-Ray wave, the camera can detect small differences between similar substances, like cocaine and flour. However, for privacy purposes, the camera cannot transmit the outline of one’s genitals.

While ThruVision is primarily marketing the technology to governments and large organizations, we see a future for the technology in home security. Imagine knowing what your guests have in their pockets before they enter your house.

For better or worse, you’ll likely encounter the T5000 in airports, border checks, and sporting events before you’ll ever be able to purchase the camera for your crib. So it’s time to start thinking of new ways to hide your contraband.

Available through: Thruvision [via Gizmodo/Reuters]

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