Dance or Trip Out on Lightspace Interactive LED Tiles

March 21st, 2008 by BallerHouse


Produced by Just Light That, Lightspace is an interactive lighting system made up of pressure sensitive LED tiles. The tiles can be configured to produce a huge variety of animated graphics and touch-activated effects, ranging from live video feeds to psychedelic color waves. Arranged on the floor, on the wall, as a bar top, or all of the above, the tiles create a ridiculously unique environment for dancing, gaming, or tripping your face off. And Lightspace tiles don’t just belong in the nightclub. Just Light That also recommends using them for residential interior design. To see Lightspace in action, check out Just Light That’s video page.

003.jpg 0221.jpg 041.jpg

Available through: Just Light That

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Tags: Design, Flooring, gaming, Just Light That, Lightspace, Technology

  • oreo_chick

    .: this is sooee tight
    i wana own one of theses boyy!
    oreo tm

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