Foam Party at Your Place

April 14th, 2008 by BallerHouse


“Party at my place!” just took on a new meaning. Remember those foam parties you used to go to back in college? (Maybe you’re lucky enough to still be attending). Now you can throw your own foam party right at home anytime.

The X-Stream II and the Foam Cannon X-Stream are the top of line foam party solutions on the market. The X-Stream II (thumb 1) produces 6000-8000 cubic feet of foam in 8-10 minutes, which will fill up a 20 to 40 foot area up to 5 feet deep for 45 minutes. This foam machine can either sit on its tripod or hang from the ceiling, and it comes with the equipment necessary for either option. The Foam Cannon X-Stream (thumb 2) sits on a swivel base and shoots 20-30 ft streams of foam in any direction you choose. The Cannon will produce 4000-48000 cubic feet of foam in 8-10 minutes with the same specs mentioned for the X-Stream II.

If you’re not interested in outfitting the inside of your home for a foam party, consider an inflatable foam dance pit for your backyard. Foam pits come in many sizes, but for a 30′x30′x3.5′ pit you’ll spend $2,800. The X-Stream II will run you $2,495, while the Foam Cannon goes for $5,500. The price however should be a non-issue, considering that foam parties are notorious for those secret hookups and crazy nights that you may only read about in Playboy.

x-stream-ii-tripod-and-faom.jpg xtremeprofileright.gif foam-dance-11.gif

Available via: FoamMaster

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  • katrell williams

    i would love to have a party like that

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