The Air Vent Safe: Hidden Storage for the Baller on a Budget

May 27th, 2008 by BallerHouse


Unless you’ve got $5k to spend on a custom hidden door, finding an inconspicuous place in your crib to store your valuables can be a challenge. Fortunately, Hidden Safes’ new Air Vent Secret Compartment allows you to keep your important possessions hidden behind an unassuming mock air vent for about $275. With approximately one trillion air vents in the U.S. alone, the chances of a thief discovering your air vent safe are extremely minimal.

The do-it-yourself kit is relatively easy to install, requiring that you remove a small section of drywall and screw in the air vent compartment. Access to the safe is granted via a quarter turn fastener hidden in the louvers. The main downside to the Air Vent Secret Compartment is that it’s even easier to remove than it is to set up, meaning that you better keep your fingers crossed that it won’t be discovered.

The air vent safe comes with two removable shelves, making it easy to customize your storage arrangement.

Available through: Hidden Safes, Inc.

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  • gwhh

    Best idea ever. Get on for all your friend and relatives.

  • odan

    Concept is cool but
    Hole in wall= free
    Air vent = 5 bucks
    Putting stuff behind it= free
    I know what i’d do


    “Affordable Webdesign Doesn’t Mean Compromise”…


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