The Filing Cabinet Hidden Safe: Smart New Product Despite Old Looks

July 30th, 2008 by BallerHouse

Hidden Safe

Hidden Safes, maker of the air vent safe we showed you back in May, has a new secret compartment safe on the market. Built into the bottom panel of an oak filing cabinet, the new hidden safe allows you to store you valuables in one of the last places anyone would think to look. There’s only one problem: your office has to be hideous looking in order for the safe to fit in.

The drawer safe comes with two hidden switches: a Key Switch and a push button switch that allows the safe drawer to release. For quick access, the company recommends leaving the Key Switch “on.”

Although the filing cabinet hidden safe looks like something sold at the Salvation Army, the general concept is still smart. However, Hidden Safes should bring the design into modern times. Especially given the hidden safe’s $2,900 sticker price.
Available through: Hidden Safes

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