AirKick Human Water Catapult

August 21st, 2008 by BallerHouse

airkick human catapult

Remember the kidapult from Richie Rich? German special events company, Jochen Schweizer, has a similar air and water-powered version available for rent.  And for $130,000 you could have one for your own yard!

Dubbed the AirKick, this human catapult launches individuals over 26 feet in the air into a swimming pool or foam pit. Describing the AirKick’s functionality, Jochen Schweizer explains, “it propels participants through the air in a pre-calculated parabolic trajectory using a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. The participant sits in a specially constructed seat at the back end of the catapult arm and 3,2,1…Liftoff.  He sets the device in motion himself by pushing a button. Approximately 60 Liters of water are then forced through a rocket nozzle under the seat. This pressurized water (8 to 10 bar of air pressure) propels the participant 8 meters though the air for a cool and refreshing splash down in a swimming pool.”

The AirKick is without a doubt one of the most baller toys you could potentially hook up for your pool.  You can buy an AirKick for your pool from BallerToys.

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  • giorgi tsaava

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  • guest

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