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January 11th, 2009 by BallerHouse

pole-car1.jpgIf you are in the market for an extreme piece of car furniture, Fully Auto’s custom creations are definitely worth some serious consideration. The South Florida customizer has constructed everything from Monte Carlo SS stripper platforms (shown left) to Mustang car pool tables, as pictured after the jump.

We like Fully Auto’s car furniture for two reasons: 1) the customizer goes to great lengths to ensure that each car furniture piece is straight up baller; and 2) the company’s prices are very reasonable given the amount of labor that goes into each work of auto art.

So, how much would it cost to hook up your own custom car furniture creation from Fully Auto?  While each piece is unique and prices therefore vary, the shop has drafted up full plans for a Lamborghini Murcielago car bed that runs $20,000 plus delivery.  Sounds pricey, but compare that with Missy Elliot’s Ferrari bed (featured on MTV Cribs), which ran her approximately $100k, and you’re looking at quite the deal.  Full specs on the Murci bed are listed below.

In addition to stripper platforms, car pool tables, and car beds, Fully Auto can also build out car couches, car bars, and any other piece of car furniture you could dream up. To get in touch with the customizer, send us a quick email here, and you will be contacted by Fully Auto shortly.

car pool table, mustang pool table

Lamborghini Murcielago Car Bed Specs

  • Working Factory head and tail lights (110v)
  • Factory paint code color of choice
  • Brand new rims and tires painted to match
  • Matching custom printed sheets with either Lambo emblem or choice of print
  • Under body neon’s (110v)
  • Full audio system
  • Delivery and Professional installation into home
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    Great idea especially for the muscle car lover like myself.

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  • wholio

    O shit my uncle bought that mustang pool table at a car show lol its pretty bad ass

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    wow..Now that is lovely. Amazing craftsmanship and a wonderful concept, very innovative. :)

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