Glace Luxury Ice: $8 Per Cube

February 9th, 2009 by BallerHouse


Can ice be luxurious?  And will people really be willing to drop up to $8 per “sphere” to chill down their premium coctails? The folks at the Glace Luxury Ice Co. are betting on it.

The upstart luxury ice company is aiming to occupy the top spot in the premium ice category (we didn’t know such a category existed) with its perfectly spherical ice cubes that are hand-carved in Canada and delivered in dry ice.  Made from purified water, Glace’s luxury ice cubes are free from the  minerals and other pollutants found in regular ice that can contaminate the taste of premium liquors.   And according to the company, Glace’s spheres “will crackle and spider” but they “will not break apart like less deserving ice or home-made ice.” Perfect for that $38,000 bottle of Macallan or any of the other baller bottles posted on the top shelf of your home bar.

A pack of five will set you back $40.  Bulk orders of 240 luxury ice spheres run $1,440.  Follow the jump for one more image and the resource link.


Available through: Glace Luxury Ice Co.

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  • Carolyn

    I’ve seen this in D.C. and Miami randomly at the lounges I went to with my girls……its Hot, Sexy and makes the “experience” that much better! Although I would never pay for that, I know plenty of “ballers” that would.

  • BB

    Hey, why not? If I’m spending a lot on my drink, why wouldn’t I throw down a little more money to really do it in style. The truth is, if you can’t afford it, it isn’t for you…

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  • Ka Cl

    BB Hit it the nail on the head. If you cannot afford it it is not for you

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  • Jay Nice

    this is hot shit!!!

  • Whymorphine

    Lol, your shitty blog gets no comments.

  • Benfranklinpatriot

    Gay porn is less gay than this blog.

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