Ming Dynasty Vase – The most expensive vase of all time

October 25th, 2010 by Orion

Although the basic usage of a vase lies in displaying flowers, the concept is a modern one. Some old vases have more important functions and serve as inimitable pieces of art, the notable amongst which is a Ming Dynasty vase.

One of the most notable and illustrious names amongst the ruling dynasties of the Chinese empire is the Ming Dynasty. They ruled over china over a span starting from 1368 to 1644. The Ming Dynasty can be said to be particularly fond of art and potteries because that particular era witnessed a vast amount of embroidered silks, glazed porcelain potteries, carved lacquer wares and other artworks. The Ming Dynasty even duplicated many works of art so that the unsuspecting purchasers part from their riches. However, the growing number of forgeries led to the printing of guides.

The article in discussion, the Ming Dynasty vase is hailed as the most expensive piece.  This vase hails from the reign of the founder of Ming Dynasty, Hongwu. This vase became the most expensive vase when it was purchased at an auction at over $10 million. This hefty amount of money was paid by Steve Wynn, a Las Vegas casino owner who is also an insatiable and avid collector of art. Although he has often faced flak from art community for shelling out unnecessary and exorbitant amounts of money for pieces labeled as second-rate, this purchase has shut the mouths of many of his critics.

This 14th century porcelain vase is of 34 centimeters with a white background and decorated with copper red scrolling flowers. Since it is well-preserved its rarity has increased by manifolds. In fact due to the presence of guides, the authenticity of this Ming vase is unquestionable.

This vase was also sold previously in 1984 at a price of $614,000. However, this time at the Imperial Sale auction organized by Christie at Hong Kong on May 30, 2006, the 600 year old vase sold for a stupendous amount. It was supposed at first that Wynn is making the purchase for his hotel, the Wynn Las Vegas. This hotel reportedly cost $2.7 billion to make. It has an in-house cabaret, a huge casino, 2716 rooms and even shops that include a Ferrari Maserati dealership. However, all these assumptions were proven wrong, when he returned it to its actual owners by donating the vase to one Macau museum at China. Coincidentally, the casinos and the gambling lifestyles at Macau are very famous.

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