Add Some Glam To Your Bathroom With A SICIS Maxima Bathtub

November 9th, 2010 by Michael

Maxima Bathtub

Some pieces of furniture are simply breathtaking, such as this stunning mosaic bathtub from SICIS. Mixing classic features with modern design, it is sure to take pride of place in your Baller bathroom. SICIS are an art mosaic factory, who specialise in creating stunning mosaics for glamorous interiors. As you can see they also do bathtubs, and their selection of bathtub designs are truly creative and unique.

Pictured above is the Maxima bathtub, which is finished in dazzling gold mosaic. Each piece is carefully fitted to create a seamless exterior, which catches and reflects light to fill your bathroom with a luxurious golden glow. SICIS are an Italian design company, and their products are perfect examples of Italian flair and impeccable taste. In some hands a golden mosaic bathtub would turn out to be gaudy and slightly vulgar, but the designers at SICIS manage to pull off an elegant and tasteful product that oozes class and sophistication. The Maxima bathtub is currently priced between $18,000 and $20,000, depending on the dealer.

There is an entire range of bathtubs available from SICIS, all of which feature unique mosaic detailing. Some of the most famous designs from this company are the Shoe bathtubs, which are without question designed for the lady in your life. These innovative and attention-grabbing bathtubs are tastefully styled, with a distinctive shape and of course the signature SICIS mosaic detailing. Most feature feminine designs such as flowers and butterflies, and would make a great gift for that special lady.

SICIS Shoe Bathtub

Of course it may be difficult for you to choose between these very different bathtubs. A very Baller solution to this dilemma is of course to get both, and have a set of His and Hers bathtubs in your home. SICIS has a selection of stores around the globe along with some selected dealers, and further details can be found on their website.

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