Luxury Jet Black Pipe from Purisme

November 19th, 2010 by Michael

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While there are quite a few smokers in the world today, the vast majority of these are of course cigarette smokers. Slightly more rare are the cigar smokers, a breed of tobacco users who appreciate cultivated and exclusive brands. Rarer still however are the pipe smokers, and this approach to smoking has now acquired an exclusivity of its own.

Smokers and non-smokers alike instantly register when an acquaintance of theirs takes a pipe from his pocket. These beautiful smoking tools have an aesthetic all of their own, and top quality instruments attract all of the right kinds of attention. A quality smoking pipe is the most Baller of smoking accessories, setting its owner out from the crowd and marking him as a man of class and distinction.

This is of course the case with the Purisme pipe, a stunning limited edition release. This pipe is made from a combination of high tech carbon and straight grain bruyere wood, artfully mixing both old fashioned materials and state of the art modern substances.

The Purisme pipe weighs approximately 75g, and is therefore relatively light. This is due to the layers of carbon, which are extremely light weight. Each layer is as thin as a human hair, and the layers are bonded together using the most modern material sciences.

An innovative and distinctive feature of the Purisme pipe is that the pipehead has been inverted. This means that the pipe now possesses exceptional balance, and will stay upright on the majority of surfaces. There is therefore no longer any need to worry about spilling all of your tobacco out of the pipe if it should fall over, thanks to the innovative technicians at Purisme.

The Purisme limited edition pipe is priced at $2700, and can be purchased directly from the manufacturers.

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