Luxury Hardware for your Baller House from Remy Garnier

January 12th, 2011 by Purnima

On your last visit to Nôtre Dame, Versailles or Maisons-Lafite, did you take a peek at their luxury decorative hardware i.e. window and door fittings including rim locks, levers, handles and knobs? Ever wondered who is the brand behind those extraordinary works of art and design? Do you know who the elite Parisians or the celebrities call when they need to restore their hardware? The name is Remy Garnier which has its head quarters in Bastille since 1831. So far, only designers had access to Remy Garnier’s exclusive products. However, now onwards even you and I can buy their collections including their latest diffusion line/collection through their authorized retailer’s website and NYC hardware store.

Their world famous Prestige Collection boasts of exquisite handcrafting using skilled hands who lathe, chisel, hand finish and polish the end product be it the Louis XIV or art deco. The most recent featured line called the Diffusion collection is more machine than hand crafted. However, the technique has only had a small role to play when it comes to the uber luxury pricing. The Diffussion line is only marginally cheaper than the Prestige line. If you have already fallen in love with Remy Garnier’s designs, there are various options available which can be customized to your requirements by material used, finish, design and so on. Prices are also dependent on the options you choose.

For instance, the door levers are priced between $400 and $650. If you’d like a Louis XVI design with gold plating, be prepared to pay $460 while a 1920s deco design in polished nickel will pinch your pocket by roughly $720. If you choose a Louis XV cremone (a rotary handle controlled rack and pinion mechanism) which also happens to be the company’s specialty offering, it will cost you a whopping $4,000. A Louis XVI lion with wings design lock with escutcheons in gold plating will cost $7,200 and an ornamental Louis XVI with a bow and arrow design in the central plating will be $13,000.

The collection is brilliant, decorative and exquisite, to say the least. They are true masterpieces in their own right with fabrication that is nearer than perfect. They will definitely add class to your baller home. Take our word for it.

If you’d like to adorn your home with historic Parisian hardware from Remy Garnier, please visit Kraft Hardware online or their store at 315, East 62nd Street in New York.

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