Limited Edition Luxurious Golfer’s Book

February 15th, 2011 by Des

They say that golf is a gentleman’s sport. They also say that a well-rounded gentleman is well-read. Well now you can be a Baller, a gentleman and a golfer – for around $50,000.

Wonderland Publications have just released the ultimate golfer’s book & there are only 10 available of this book – though ‘book’ isn’t quite the right term to describe this labor of love that is more art than it is functional.

The book is the result of 4 years of painstakingly hard work by Paul Skellett & Simon Weitzman, who are artists, authors, animators & Television directors. They also happened to be complete novices when it came to golf at the start of their journey in creating this pages masterpiece.

The book is a portfolio of the game, with details of its history & its evolution into the game we know today.

The authors mission has been to create a satirical, informed and artistic work of prose and art, designed to capture the true spirit of the game, from its formative growth, through to the realities of the recent financial depression, and on towards new horizons.”

The amazing thing about this book is that it is entirely hand-crafted, & it is even hand-bound in the traditional manner with a binding press. The book weighs in at almost 100 pounds & is bound using Russian leather that was only recently recovered by an American marine salvage operation.

Each page is made from 350gsm museum archive grade paper & has been individually hand-torn on the edges, with all artwork hand-printed with pigment based UV protected inks.

Based on the design of a 14th Century medieval bible, the Golf folio has Ryder Cup winning Captain, Colin Montgomerie as its resident professional, with contributions from over fifty of the World’s most prominent course architects, swing and biomechanical coaches, as well as contributions from industry professionals within the game, as well as celebrities from other creative backgrounds. The artists have worked with archives and clubs from around the World, unearthing never seen before treasures, including rare pictorial and historical texts, restored especially for this publication.”

It’s definitely an item that collectors & golfers will want to own, but you’ll have to hurry before all 10 editions are sold out!

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