CrystalRoc Swarovski Case for iPad 2

March 7th, 2011 by Des

It doesn’t take long for the blingers to bling the latest gadget & CrystalRoc have already given us a sneak peek at their new range of Swarovski-covered iPad 2s.

With over 4000 crystals on each case, one of these is sure to impress, or at least help you get the party started if there’s no disco ball on hand. The company have used Xilion cut crystals, which give off a higher sparkle than standard-cut crystals, so there’s more bling for your buck here than previous models.

Of course, the iPad 2 will be the latest must-have gadget, & no Baller would be caught dead with the old one in their hands after launch day.

You can order through CrystalRoc directly & they have 3 colors that are immediately available for delivery, or you can go for the ultra-luxurious option of requesting a custom color & design for your new iPad 2.

The crystalized version of the iPad 2 debuts at $700 for the standard versions, so get your order through before CrystalRoc run out.

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