Misa Digital Stringless Guitar to Satisfy the Musician in You

March 7th, 2011 by Purnima

It is a new music instrument. It looks uber cool. It sure looks like a real guitar but quite literally with no strings attached. If you’re a traditional guitarist, it will allow you to combine the traditional guitar technique with digital sound and will give you more leeway than on a traditional keyboard. Any guesses as to what we’re talking about? Welcome to a whole new world of Misa Kitara digital stringless guitars courtesy Misa Digital Instruments. Read on and you can be the judge of whether the instrument in question is a guitar or whether it isn’t.

Take one look at it and you might mistake the Misa digital guitar for an electric guitar, given its shape and appearance. However, what is different is that it has no strings that you can strum and has an interface that is receptive to digital audio. What this means, from a guitarist’s perspective, is that it will allow you to create music using the electronic keyboard functionality of the stringless guitar via an 8 inch touch screen. Now onwards, you won’t have to restrict yourself to guitar notes and sounds; you can marry those with digital audio techniques and create music like a pro.

The guitar is made of high density injection molded ABS polymer. Although, we must admit, we’re not experts in this field, here is a brief about the specs from the manufacturer’s website. There is a full fretboard, an 8 inch touch activated screen and an onboard polyphonic synthesizer fully enriched with sounds and effects. The controls used are MIDI.

If you already own a professional guitar, then this new toy might allow you to expand your limited repertoire to include digital keyboard quality music. You will now have the freedom and ability to produce any type of sound (forget about using those piano style keyboards). If you’re a novice who always yearned to play the guitar and take professional lessons, but never really got the chance, then this is a cool toy for you to to try your hand at.

The Kitara is available for $849. If you’re interested in an even more baller version, the folks at Misa Digital also have a special edition Kitara that boasts an aluminum body for $2, 899.

FYI, Misa Kitara is now accepting pre-orders for their new Kitara stringless digital guitar. For more information and details, please visit the Misa Digital website.

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    The “guitar heroes” of the past and present have done anything from plugging into literally thousands of effect pedals to using a variety of objects to hit the strings to modify the sounds of their guitars. The Misa guitar attempts to continue this tradition of ingenuity into the next century by being a completely digital guitar.

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