‘Jacko Steps’ Walkover Garden Lighting by Serralunga

March 28th, 2011 by Purnima

Do you like to live unconventionally or differently from the rest of the folks? If you’re a baller guy, you probably answered “Yes” to the question above. Then you ought to check out the latest collection of garden lighting from designer home furniture and accessories brand Serralunga.

The Garden Pavement Lights built-into what look like oversized pebbles has been designed by Roberto Paoli. The designer drew inspiration from Michael Jackson’s music video for Billy Jean where his rhythmic dance steps coincide with the movement of lights on the floor. These absolutely baller and fun Jacko Step walkover lighting is available in a set of five. It is up to you to arrange it in any form you want.

Combine several of these sets and get ready for a complete makeover of your courtyard/garden. Either lay it out as a single string alongside your garden steps or along the periphery of garden shrubs, bushes and trees. You can even illuminate the periphery of water bodies in your garden or create a magical pathway leading to your home. This ultra modern and stunning walkover lighting will magically transform your garden into a mesmerizing illumination.

Definitely not wild and whacky like Jackson, these fun lights will add a contemporary, yet not too bright appeal to your garden. We can guarantee one thing -you certainly won’t need any more baller lighting for your outdoor evening Spring parties.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Serralunga, they’re based in Biela, Italy and have been in the designer furniture and accessories business since 1825. Serralunga operates through international designers and has a worldwide network of distributors.

If you’re going to be in Milan in April, you can check the Jacko Steps out in person at the Serralunga showroom at Milan Design Week 2011, April 12 – 17. Else, please visit Serralunga for more information.

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