The Typescreen: A Retro Typewriter Keyboard for your iPad

April 1st, 2011 by Purnima

When it comes to fashion as well as music, the latest trend is “Going Retro”. It seems as if this trend is all set to invade the technological world as well. And no, this isn’t an April fool’s Day joke. The Typescreen – a keyboard for your iPad that mimics a typewriter design is a case in point.

The technology gurus would love to say that Tablet computing is here to stay. However, not many of us are accustomed to doing our computer typing using our fingers on a virtual keyboard. For most of us, we’d prefer the dual functionality of a touch screen and a keyboard. This coupled with our deep seated desire to bring back some gadget from our past, as a nostalgic reminder of our childhood, makes the concept of tablet computing harder to digest. For all you guys who suffer from the above complex, you’re certainly not alone and the Typescreen IS the future.

The kick that you get from punching the keys on the typewriter is an altogether different feeling, one that cannot be accomplished by any amount of feature advancements in the iPad. Spinning Hat- the company behind the Typescreen has put in 16 months of intense research and development to bring you this retro gadget. If you’d like to text or browse the web on your iPad, you can do so by inserting your iPad in the space provided in the Typescreen and punch those keys away. It is iPad and iPad 2 compatible.

The Typescreen is sophisticated and classy and will bring back the tactile sensation of the typewriters that you miss so much. The design is fun and playful. It is an officially licensed Apple product and offers the style and quality that Apple is known for, combined with the innovativeness that represents Spinning Hat. It would most definitely, be a welcome addition to your home office.

The Typescreen is available for $56 from the Spinning Hat website. To place an order for this extremely limited edition typewriter style keyboard, please click here.

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