Gift Wrapping 4 Men:Financial Padding & (W)Rapping Paper

April 12th, 2011 by Purnima


When it comes to buying gifts for men, there are countless options. Depending on a guy’s tastes and preferences, you could choose from cologne, alcohol, cigars, kitchen ware, hardware, software – the list is endless. However, when it comes to gift wrapping for men, the options are at best limited. For starters, the procedure is standard. If the item is fragile, you would pad it up with whatever leftovers are available from the paper or foam industry. And when it comes to the final gift wrapping, you’re either limited to what is available in your local store or forced to settle for brown or black. Most stores sell paper in bright, loud colors that have feminine appeal rather than anything else. Not anymore. To add a baller image to your macho package, you could use Financial Padding to give extra cushioning/support to your item and for the outer wrapping use Rapping Paper.

Most times you need to ship a gift or package that is fragile and needs padding, you would most likely reach for foam or paper strips or thermocol bits to protect the item. To add that baller oomph to an ordinary package, you can use  crumpled up faux paper bank notes from ‘the’. These look-alike dollar bills are reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Most importantly, they are novel and will add an element of surprise or ‘wow’ factor to your gift. Labeled ‘Financial Padding’, this extra special, though disappointing (to the recipient) surprise has been created by ‘the.’ – a company that designs whimsical and fancy stuff. 200 $ bills measuring approximately 0.5 cu ft are available for $15. They are suited for light to medium weight shipments. To make a purchase, please visit the.

Rapping paper is perfect to wrap gifts for bachelor parties or for a male best friend’s birthday, more so if he is a music or rap junkie. The paper features lyrics of classic hip-hop singles ranging from Sugar Hill Gang, Run-DMC, Eminem and so on. The gift rap is delightful and will make your gift stand out from the rest and be remembered for years to come. To make a purchase, head to Rapping Paper.

If you belong to the large group of men out there, who think gift wrapping is rocket science, we hope your find the tips in this blog useful.

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