Antique Tube Radio iPod Docking Station from 3Ryan Radio

April 18th, 2011 by Purnima

As we step ahead into the future, gadgets get slimmer, lighter and sleeker and have more features built into them. The descriptors ‘slim, sleek, matte and light’ echo modernism and are for those who value these qualities in a product. But, what about those who value antique old world vintage charm? Call them old fashioned or retro lovers, but clearly there are several ballers out there who aren’t obsessed by modern clean lines but instead subscribe to the old school view of the world. The radio-connoisseurs at 3Ryan Radio belong to the latter school and have come up with a unique collection of vintage radios that can be customized into a part modern part vintage iPod dock.

In a world where iPod docks bear a strange resemblance to alien spacecrafts or look as if they descended from modern sci-fi Hollywood, 3Ryan is a pleasant diversion to an altogether different decade of the 1920s. The company sources the best tube radios from the 1920s all the way up until the late 60s that are then disassembled, cleaned, refinished and rewired to accommodate new parts transforming them into new iPod docks.

Each 3Ryan radio is available with either a top mount dock or a line-in feature to play your iTunes. With respect to acoustic quality, you will be assured of “clean, clear, warm, crisp vintage sound”. Anyone who listens to it will be pleasantly transported to the olden days. 3Ryan is also willing to undertake any level of customization you desire. For instance, if you already own a vintage radio, you could just give it to them to do the refinishing and rewiring. Of course, their customization will not get you blue tooth or remote control capability; however, they will definitely possess a unique antique charm that no modern dock will ever possess. The radio docks are available in different designs such as a radio clock, turntable and so on. Prices vary based on designs and extent of restoration needed. For instance, an Emerson 504 radio made in 1946 is priced at $450.

For more information and to browse various designs, please visit 3Ryan Radios. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for conversion to docking station from the date of commissioning.

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