World’s First Curved Length Wood Flooring from Bolefloor

April 19th, 2011 by Purnima

If you thought wooden flooring with straight lines was the norm or standard in the industry, think again. Did you know that straight floorboards were the result of limitations in technology rather than how they were ‘supposed’ to be? Neither did we. That’s why we thought we’d bring to your knowledge a Dutch company – Bolefloor that has created the world’s first curved length wooden flooring for homes just like yours.

Bolefloor derives its name from the word ‘bole’ meaning tree trunk . The company’s hardwood flooring has curves that follow a tree’s natural growth pattern. They say the wood flooring is just like Nature intended it – not a straight line. The floor has rough edges, unique grain, knots and organic appeal.  Each floor board is as unique as the tree it came from. No two floor boards are the same. Using natural edge visual identification technology, Bolefloor scanners are able to detect ‘imperfections’ in the trees and use it to maximum advantage to ensure ruggedness and aesthetic appeal. FYI, Bolefloor is available with or without groves or in a combination of the two.

Even though wood from trees is used to create the flooring, Bolefloor uses optimization technology to ensure that wood utilization is done with minimum wastage, allowing more floors per forest. Every board is cut using the best Homag wood machinery and equipment. The look is organic and natural; therefore it would fit a rustic décor just as much as it would a modern minimalist interior. The flooring is absolutely unusual and is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. We can say without doubt, that it would make an ideal addition to your intimate baller residence.

Coming to the topic of pricing, with all the technology and pioneering work that goes into getting you closer to nature, the price tag is luxurious but no considerably more than what is available in today’s market. Prices depend on design and area chosen.

For more information, please visit Bolefloor. The flooring will be available in the US market shortly. You can visit Bolefloor at the National Wood Flooring Association’s annual convention and expo in San Diego, California, April 26-29. 2011. (NWFA expo booth no. 2120.)

Photo courtesy: Bolefloor.

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  • Leighton Hughe

    Thanks for the insights. I might not knew if not for this post >.<

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