Sound Quenching Translucent Curtains from Empa

May 6th, 2011 by Purnima

Noise – it exists everywhere on our planet and we deal with it in our own ways. When it enters our homes and interferes with our day-to-day activities, we try to sound proof our homes and rooms with sound proof windows or window treatments. Others choose to use noise canceling devices and gadgets. Still others use good old ear plugs. When it comes to window treatments, glass and concrete rarely do a good job. Heavy velvet curtains do a reasonable job of absorbing sound; however they also prevent light from entering a home and leave you wondering whether there is way to allow light and absorb sound at the same time. Now there is! In collaboration with a silk-weaving company -Weisbrod- Zürrer AG, and textile designer Annette Douglas, Empa researchers have come up with a revolutionary curtain fabric that is lightweight, translucent and sound-absorbing.

The Swiss-made curtains are a result of further work in the area of ‘Acoustic Walls for Open Plan Offices’ which won Annette, the Swiss Textile Design Award in 2005. The new Sound Quenching Translucent Curtains are a result of a combination of ‘computer modeling, acoustic measurement and specialized textile knowledge”. The curtains absorb five times more sound than traditional translucent ones and ‘improve room acoustics’. The design is amazing, to say the least.

Your baller home will no longer have to deal with outside noise. Plus you won’t have to sacrifice light and privacy for the sake of sound anymore. The product has received an awesome response from the market. It will go into production shortly and the pricing will be determined before it goes to market.  Need we add, the pricing will be luxurious given the novelty of design and technology involved.

For more information and queries about this awesome piece of invention and design, please visit Empa and Weisbrod-Zurrer AG

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    I think using this will help a lot. Translucent curtains works well in sun directed areas.

  • Plumbing

    The idea was first used on Japan’s famous translucent umbrella’s i didn’t knew that it could also be a nice curtain too! 

  • Playmobil

    Objects have a tendency to selectively absorb, reflect or transmit light of certain frequencies. That is, one object might reflect green light while absorbing all other frequencies of visible light. Another object might selectively transmit blue light while absorbing all other frequencies of visible light.

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    You can typically find sound barriers for windows in either double pane or vinyl

    framed sound barriers. You will find that the double paned variety can reduce noise

    by as much as 20%. On the other hand, window coverings made of vinyl frames have

    been known to reduce the amount of noise passing by anywhere from 30-50%.

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    One of the excellent thing that was invented. Now it is not hassle to do something to block the sounds in your room.

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