American ‘White Lightning’ in Ltd. Ed. Book Pack Release

July 5th, 2011 by Purnima

When we speak of ‘White Lightning’, we aren’t referring to any celebrity nickname. We’re, in fact, talking about the premium Stillhouse Moonshine whiskey that has been packaged in a baller retro-vintage book packing in the form of two large volumes of old books. When you pull these books out from your library bar, you wouldn’t in your wildest imaginations expect to discover a bottle of moonshine tucked away inside. They say that baller men of today love drinking homemade hooch – it’s hip, trendy, original, organic and gives them an edge. Well, Stillhouse distillery’s Moonshine isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘homemade hooch’ peddled by bootleggers but it certainly tries to recreate the concept.

It is a $300,000 trademarked version of the original illicit moonshine. Stillhouse Moonshine is clear corn whiskey that has been hand created from 100% estate-grown corn and distilled four times over in a copper pot still from the Prohibition years. It is supposed to mimic the more than 100 year old tradition of making moonshine. What is unique is that this trademarked Moonshine is gluten free and natural. The process of making it involves charcoal filtering of the highest quality and purity.

A bottle is hidden within two volumes of ‘Freedom to Shine’. The book has been customized and sufficiently aged and distressed just like the distilled gift that sits inside. The first few pages contain information about the story of Moonshine. Be warned that there are only 500 numbered editions of this limited edition release. There is no news on pricing just yet, but a little birdie whispered to us that you can expect the price to be baller. After all what is old-fashioned and retro doesn’t come cheap in today’s world.

You can enjoy it neat or on the rocks or amidst a huge selection of mixed cocktails. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that the experience will be nothing short of pure bliss. For more information, please visit Moonshine.

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