What is Ikelite?

July 27th, 2011 by Purnima


Now that you’ve seen the picture, you’re probably thinking Ikelite is another rugged luxury camera meant for all your male adventure trips. No it isn’t. And that’s where the guessing ends. If you love underwater sports and are still twiddling your thumbs regarding which camera or case (if you already own a camera) to buy, we may have finally found an answer to your woes. Ikelite is an elaborate underwater housing for your SLR camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji and more) that allows the camera to be taken underwater safely to depths of 200 feet without causing any damage to the camera components.

Ikelite has been in the underwater photographic equipment business since 1962 and is ‘the’ name in the industry for sophisticated camera housings. It is a transparent camera case made of heavy-duty polycarbonate that is fully resistant to any kind of corrosion. The case features a large zoom control knob for smoother fluid dynamics and an easy to access thumb control to start/stop video.

The case also has a Super-Eye magnifier for superb viewing even while wearing a diving mask. The housing size and weight is designed for easy handling underwater with its neutral buoyancy. All camera controls are within easy access and kept watertight with Quad Ring seal glands. The LCD screen is clearly visible from the back of the housing. There are two release handles on either side of the camera with rubber grips that allow for easy attachment/detachment of the mounting arms. And all the attaching and removal can be done at the press of a button. Ikelite comes at a price tag of $1,400 (without the lens port).

So the next time you decide to go scuba diving, don’t hesitate to take your expensive camera along. You certainly won’t have a reason to leave your camera behind. For tech specs and dealer information, please visit Ikelite.

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