Vintage Suitcase Chest of Drawers by James Plumb

October 4th, 2011 by Purnima


If you absolutely adore vintage and restored stuff and wouldn’t mind adding some old world charm to your baller pad, take a look at these unique drawer towers by the English design duo behind the James Plumb label. Hannah Plumb & James Russell found a way to put old things to some good use with the Suitcase Chest of Drawers. Absolutely unique with a creative twist, this Suitcase Chest is an assemblage of a variety of discarded vintage suitcases. This unique piece of furniture blends art and functionality in a delightful way.

The designers have stylishly used vintage cast-offs and assembled them to a metal and wooden frame with a lot of attention to detail. The suitcase interiors have also been refurbished with great care. Of course, given the different sizes of the suitcases, the design was altered by grouping like sized and shaped pieces. The metal frameworks and wood chests were appropriately tailored to accommodate the suitcases, creating ample and deep storage. The Suitcase Drawer is available in various sizes and widths.

The Suitcase Chests have a lot of history behind them and endless stories to tell. And if you’re ever short of conversation on a rainy day, this chest of drawers is more than likely to spur one….we can almost think of one where a custom design company took suitcases from our great grandfather’s childhood period to assemble the chest. You only need imagination, the rest, as we say, is history.

Of course, these priceless chests are suited to specific decors and we think a contemporary one will be just perfect. Of course, the chest would also blend well with a vintage theme but if you’re looking for contrast, the former is more desirable. More details on this rather unusual and timeless chest can be gathered from the James Plumb website. Price is dependent on materials, size and dimensions and is order specific. Please contact the designers for any queries.

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