Spring into Season with a Böle Leather Apron

February 21st, 2012 by Purnima

Spring is officially just a few weeks away! Don’t you just love the season for its friendly weather, outdoor fun, and not to forget — all those baller grilling and barbeque parties that you plan to host (weather beckoning, of course)! An even more pertinent question to ask here is whether you are ready for some sexy Spring entertaining with your culinary expertise and gear? Speaking of luxury entertaining, here is one piece of gear that will speak volumes of your luxe prowess and add oodles of panache to your already macho personality – A Swedish Reindeer Leather Apron curated by Jeren Gulickx from Bole.

Bole is a fourth generation leather tannery and saddle manufacturer from Sweden who retains the distinction of catering to the Royal Family of Sweden. Their leathers are prepared using the ancient bark tanning technique. Here, the leather curing process takes place in vats with Spruce wood barks. The beautiful cherry tan is imparted through this special though vintage technique that is now only used by few tanneries worldwide.

The Bole leather apron will be an heirloom that can be passed on to future generations. Strength and ruggedness are a hallmark of reindeer leather – in fact, reindeer leather aprons have been in commission since the 50s and Bole tanners wear them all the time as a form of protective clothing. Reindeer leather is also supposed to offer better heat protection when you are grilling away and is less likely to catch fire. Being real leather, it will also grow better with the passage of time, thanks to the release of natural oils with normal wear.

Being part of a limited edition series, only 30 leather aprons – each bearing a unique number, are being produced. The gorgeous leather apron is accompanied by a $840 price tag – just fit enough for a baller. Whether it is a gift for Dad or simply a Spring season indulgence, one thing must be said – these macho reindeer leather aprons will definitely be a head turner or conversation starter.

Discover these limited edition aprons by clicking here.

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