Arcade Games Tables for a Geeky Man Cave

February 15th, 2011 by Des

Here’s some gaming tables for the geeky gaming Baller types who can’t resist some old school games in a modern package.

Arcade Tables in Australia have a limited number of these sleek & sexy arcade tables for your Mac Cave or games room. The software comes pre-installed & there are 60 games for you to chose from, including some favorite classics like Pac Man & Donkey Kong. The games can be played individually, or you can compete with one of your Baller friends for the title of Arcade Baller Champion & spend hours playing in old school gaming tournaments.

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Arcade Coffee Table for Those Action-filled Coffee Breaks

September 7th, 2010 by Des


There are a few must-haves in life: fast car, cool crib, someone to share it with & a Man Cave for when that someone’s shoe collection gets a bit too much.

No Man Cave is complete without a good gaming & media centre, & Surface Tension has a perfect all-in-one solution packaged in a stylish coffee table.

The handmade coffee table houses a media centre PC (with wireless keyboard & mouse), arcade gaming system &  built-in sound system.

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Bring the Ponies Inside with Sega’s Derby Owners Club Arcade Game

May 8th, 2008 by BallerHouse


For those who would rather control the outcome of the horse race, as opposed to merely watching and betting as a spectator, Sega’s Derby Owners Club arcade game provides the perfect, albeit expensive solution. The standard four-player Derby Owners Club allows players to breed and name their thoroughbred racehorse, pick the jockey’s racing silks, maneuver the horse in the race, and save player settings using Sega’s exclusive Memory Card Reader and Dispenser technology.

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